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Transform your 
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BodyWise Yoga Therapy


BodyWise Yoga Therapy practitioner Gary Anderson supports clients in movement, breath, guided meditation and dialog. This practical and supportive approach to well-being leads to greater self-awareness, a healthier body, and a calmer mind.

Mission: To help clients realize their goals and aspirations whether they are physical, emotional, professional or spiritual, by accessing their own embodied wisdom through yoga therapy and yoga instruction using the Phoenix Rising Method.

Values: The values that guide my work include compassion, authenticity, respect and effectiveness.

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“Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy with Gary Anderson was a profoundly moving and transformative experience for me. The yoga therapy process helped me to learn to listen to the wisdom of my own body.  Gary is a very respectful and intuitive practitioner.”

K.R. Duluth, MN—yoga therapy client

Don't let the City Council-man attire fool you, there is a full-blown Yogi healer under that suite! ... The Yoga Therapy work I receive from Gary keeps me sound on all the planes of my being, from body aches, to soul yearning questions about direction and emotional repentance.

K.N. Duluth, MN—yoga therapy client

As a first-time yoga student, I was not sure what to expect of a yoga class. Gary immediately helped me feel at ease and comfortable with how yoga looked for me and my body. I appreciated his depth of knowledge and experience as well as the overall grounded energy of his classes. One of the things I remember him often saying was, "Take what works, and leave the rest". This has resounded with me in my yoga practice as well as my professional and personal life. 


N.J. Duluth, MN— yoga student


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